Thursday, 8 February 2007

Tai chi and Juggling

So recently my training has lead me towards lots of stretching, i have not been traing very much with set aside times for it i have just been doing little bits throughout the day mostly strecthes. This has been invaliable to my training so far i have inreased my range and flexiblility a hell of a lot it is starting to become noticible in my form.

In my juggling/manipulation practise i have been working on contact juggling, the main area i have been working with is my head a balance on the crown of my head and on the temples and forhead (which later will lead to rolls from point to point).

I have found there is a few points on the top of the head where a ball could be balanced, one is more forward towards forhead and one is further back towards crown, the one on or near crown is the one i have been really training even though it is a harder balance to acheive, the reason is i want to keep my manipulation particularly contact juggling in line with tai chi principles as a experiment to see if the Principles of tai chi as taken from the classics will be a useful model to learn various manipulation (juggling arts) and from there use that model in my own teaching.

Also as a side line to the above points i would like to eventually acheive a balance on the top of my head with a 100mm acrylic ball all the way through my tai chi form (or as much of is as possible bearing in mind Snake creeps and Low punch)