Friday, 12 January 2007


I am tired now! been at work all day been productive got alot done!

I am teaching am Teaching in an hour. I suppose this is a good time to go into what i do...

I work here I manage the production and research and development of the products we manafacture.

I also teach circus, I used to do alot more teaching, I got a job at firetoys and stopped teaching so much.

my plans for the next year is to develop my business and start teaching more.

I spend a fair amount of time at festivals during the summer working with firetoys stall, which is extremely good fun! here is me in front of the main stage at Big Chill 06 with toys.

here is another photo this is my very good friend Spam co-cospiritor on the firegathering a small festival we at firetoys run in May. and sales manager of firetoys, at Bestival 06

there is more to tell just not now as i have acheing shoulders and would like to go stretch!

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