Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The weekend

So over the weekend i went to a wedding (civil partnership) of two very good freinds of mine, i spent rather a large amount of money over the course of 12 hours! had to be taken home by my amazing girlfreind.

Here in the photo you can see myself and a very good freind of mine enagageing in what we like to call "organic Dance"

Sunday i made tuna steaks for dinner mmmmmm they were delicious i marinated them in lime juice and olive oil with dill, had them with new potatoes and salad with salsa verde.

any tips on what herbs goes with what appreciated its something i want to learn more about.

here is a photo of the steaks before cooking

they were delicious i wanted to eat them raw really mmmmmmm!

back to work now minus my facial hair which started to annoy me!

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