Thursday, 11 January 2007

tai chi

First class back last night, it was very informative!

we looked at the hip joint and the muscle that connects from the knee to the hip

which by the look of this picture the one i was focusing on is called the satorius.

we were looking at coming into a forward stance and how that muslce streches across and lenghtens and how all those muscles in the leg the vastus muscles all spiral around. The main point to this excersise was to keep the knee still when in place.

So My teacher adjusted my posture so my hip was fully sitting into the hip joint and relaxed around that hip, this meant my rear leg was not in a very good position at all so lots more strecthing needed to loosen and open up the hips so i can achieve that while mataining root and connection with the back foot.

i have to say that it was one of those moments when i had been feeling like i had made some progress then look up ahead and see the mountain and realize i am not even at base camp!

so lots more standing needed!

and stretching i am soon going to start with a yoga teacher to help with my stretching.

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